TALKING THE FLASH “Failure is an Orphan” Reaction

Hmmmmmm I just finished watching the episode while doing a little late night work.

Hmmmmmm what did I think of it?

JESUS!! Another person from the future?! (lol) It’s just crazy. (lol) Overall I thought it was a dope episode. Crazy, intense action. That ending was nuts.

I do have a complaint though. Nora. What’s her deal?! Her secret better be huge cuz if it isn’t…I’m going to be pissed. (lol) How is it that no one can tell she’s hiding something (except one person)?! She totally sucks at lying. (lol) I guess we’ll see what happens in the next episode. By the looks of the “Time Bomb” commercial – she finally drops the bomb. (lol) Get it? “Time Bomb” and “Bomb.” Ok – never mind. (lol)

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