Talking Arrow: “Inmate 4587” S7E1 Reaction

What a premiere episode!! I thought it freaking rocked!!

The beginning with Diaz killing Felicity. Whoa! I thought that was real. (lol)

Great seeing the group again.
Diggs works at Argus now.
Dinah is the new captain.
Raw Dog is helping kids.
Felicity and William are hiding out.
Olivier has been in prison for 5 months now.

A lot sure has changed. (lol)

That prison shower fight. Awesome!!
Then at the same time Diaz finds Felicity and William…and when he flips her on to a table – BAD ASS!! INSANE!!
Then at the end – Oliver walks out into the yard and hits that dude with a book and then smacks Mr. Giant dude with a weight.


Once again, great episode!!

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