Talking Arrow: “Brother’s & Sisters” Reaction

I’m finally catching up on some Arrow episodes…but…before I got any further…for those of you who asked, “Hey Mike, where are the podcasts coming back?” I’m working out – – one of the boys got to my mixing board and well – – I’ve got this annoying feedback every time I try to record. I’m working on it – – it’s coming along. (lol)

Now…for this episode…”BROTHERS & SISTERS.”

I thought it was pretty damn sweet. Everything leading up to Diaz telling Dante it’s a trap was cool – – but when that action scene kicked in – – WHOA!! Dante was bad ass! He was giving Arrow a run for his money…oh and what about that ending?! Dante knows Oliver’s sister?!!? WTF?! Damn…and just when I was starting to like her. Oh well, she’s dead to me. (lol)

Last thing I wanna address…Diaz. WTF?!!?? Is he dead? No way!!! He’s one of my favorite’s. He can’t be dead. NOOOOOOO!!!

Oh and one more thing – – the flashbacks to the future – – the “kids”…I’m still on the fence if I’m liking all this. (lol) Are you?

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