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@mikethemovieguy review of ‘THOR’! (video)

I checked out THOR the other night…I hope everyone’s already seen it. WATCH my review!

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Watch: Crisco Kidd in LA – Day 3 (video)

Crisco Kidd hit the streets of LA again…this time on a TV audition. Hmmmm…interesting. Check out the vlog!


MY REVIEW: Fast Five (video)

YESSS…It’s finally posted…my review on Fast Five. If you haven’t seen it yet…what are you waiting for? Check out my review below!

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Watch: Crisco Kidd Life in LA – DAY 2

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Yes…I made him do it. ‘Crisco Kidd living RAW in LA’ – Day 1 (video)

(LOL) Yes…one of my best buds made the move to Los Angeles – the Crisco Kidd. All he took was a bag, his long hair, lotion, money in his pocket, and a Sidekick. He’s living in a hostel. Yes…a hostel…like in the movies. We decided it would be cool to

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My Review on #Scream4 (video)

It finally hit theaters this past Friday…SCREAM 4…and you already know…I was there watching it…just before the club. Don’t worry…I didn’t have to get ‘Ghostface Killa’ on anyone! (LOL) Check out my review!


LIMITLESS – @mikethemovieguy movie review! (Video)

In theaters today…LIMITLESS, starring Bradley Cooper and Robert DiNero. I saw it last night people…check out my movie review!

The Lincoln Lawyer

‘THE LINCOLN LAWYER’ @mikethemovieguy movie review! (Video)

I just THE LINCOLN LAWYER out earlier this week. It’s got a pretty dope cast…mayne, I feel like crap…I left out one SEXY fact of the movie. MARISA TOMEI is in the movie! I’m sorry M.T.!

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#RANGO – Movie Review by @mikethemovieguy (#video)


Check out “my vlog” movie review of #IAMNUMBERFOUR! (#video)

I just got home from a screening of I AM NUMBER FOUR…a few of my friends had said it was "alright"…but…they were wrong. It's a really dope flick! Check out vlog review below! Have a great weekend!!

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2010 Best of the PDS (Part 2)

Here’s Part 2 people! Enjoy. Happy New Year!

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My Movie Review – THE TOURIST

I’m still mad about this vlog…I recorded it FRESH for ya’ll last night…but this morning I accidentally deleted it. SUX! It’s not exactly the one I wanted…but this will “little pig.” Have a great weekend!

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My Movie Review – Tangled

Hey movie fans…here are my thoughts on the Disney film, TANGLED.

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