Get the look of one of the character’s of THE PURGE: ANARCHY [video]

Wasup movie fans?! I got something set to me and I wanted to share it with ya’ll – – – perfect for Halloween!! Don’t forget THE PURGE: ANARCHY hits theaters this Friday…I’ll be there for the FIRST showing! As you know, THE PURGE: ANARCHY from Universal Pictures releases this upcoming Friday, July

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Superman With a GoPro [video]

Pretty sweet stuff. I really need to open and USE my camera. (lol) …I wish I could fly though.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee Gets Remixed! [video]

I found this pretty sweet Bruce Lee video on and I had to share with ya’ll. Bruce Lee’s “like water” interview is  one of the most treasured pieces of his legacy and the most basic description of his raw power and martial arts skills. Youtube user HulkSmash05 made a remix using

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True Detective

HBO’s True Detective – Preview Clip From Episode 2 [video]

GUESS WHAT?!! In anticipation of this Sunday’s second episode of HBO’s True Detective – a new clip, entitled “Family Man” hit the internet! So you know I HADDDDDD to share this with ya’ll. Also…don’t forget this Saturday – Dj Wicked and I are doing our True Detective show (podcast). We’re discussing the

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I, Frankenstein - candle

Knock at the Door! Who is it? iFrankenstein! [video]

Set in a dystopic present where vigilant gargoyles and ferocious demons rage in a battle for ultimate power, Victor Frankenstein’s creation Adam (Aaron Eckhart) finds himself caught in the middle as both sides race to discover the secret to his immortality. From the creators of the hit supernatural saga, UNDERWORLD,

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47 Ronin

47 Ronin – “In 47 Hours” Art Time Lapse Video & Photos

WHOOAAAA…in preparation for the upcoming film 47 RONIN on Christmas Day – the movie peeps partnered up with the founder of the J-Def Peace Project and well-known local artist from Chicago, Jeff Abbey Maldonado. He created an interpretive art piece for 47 Ronin of Rick Genest – aka Zombie Boy. Check

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The Walking Dead

The Idiot’s Guide to ‘The Walking Dead’ [video]

The walkers are invading again!! If you haven’t seen The Walking Dead, or if you just need to catch up, Screen Junkies has you covered! HILARIOUS…LOVE IT. (lol) Become a Screen Junkie! HOST: Hal Rudnick –

Chingo Bling

@ChingoBling Wins Big At Premios Texas 2013 [video]

Congrats Dude! – – – – – – – – – facebook/officialchingobling instagram: @cancunshawty

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“The Walking (And Talking) Dead” — A Bad Lip Reading of The Walking Dead [video]

Love it.

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Real Beauty Sketches [video]

While doing show reasearch for today’s podcast – I ran across this video called Real Beauty Sketches. I found it pretty cool and interesting and thought I should share this with ya’ll. Real Beauty Sketches from John X. Carey on Vimeo.


‘Evil Dead’ Trailer Spoof | Up-Coming MovieQuest [video]

My boy Menny of BOSTON MOVIE GUEST created another ‘Trailer Spoof’ – this one’s for the horror film, EVIL DEAD. I still haven’t seen this movie people…I know, I know…what’s taking me so long?! Well, I’m on my mom’s schedule. YES. I’m taking my mom to see this. (lol) It’s

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Amia Miley

Amia Miley ‘HH Magazine’ Video Shoot [video]

WHOA. I just love this girl. 8 minutes of lovliness! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL, NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK! TWITTER: @AmiaMiley Instagram: realamiamiley FACEBOOK:


Old Spice’s new official Chief Director of Marketing, WOLFDOG! [video]

Old Spice is pleased to announce their new official Chief Director of Marketing, Mr. Wolfdog. He’s a wolfdog, so he’ll be great at marketing.

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