Game of Thrones

My Thoughts: Game of Thrones “Breaker of Chains” – Season 4 EP 3 – TV Recap [podcast]

In today’s recap show – Mike ‘the movie guy’ Pierce discusses last night’s episode of GAME OF THRONES. Last night was a little intense, weird, and awkward. (lol) “Breaker of Chains” is the third episode of the fourth season that aired Sunday, April 20, 2014 on HBO. More Entertainment Podcasts at Blog Talk

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Our Thoughts: Arrow “The Man Under the Hood” – Season 2 EP 19 – TV Recap [podcast]

HOLY CRAP! What an action packed episode! VRO hosts Mike Pierce, Anna B and Jesus got together and chatted another episode of ARROW. In today’s show – they discuss “The Man Under the Hood” which aired April 16 on the CW. Deathstroke pays a visit to the team and HOLY CRAP BALLS…does he do a number on them.

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From Dusk till Dawn: The Series

Our Thoughts: From Dusk till Dawn “Place of Dead Roads” – Season 1 EP 6 – TV Recap [podcast]

Variety Radio Radio brings you the From Dusk till Dawn: The Series Recap Show with hosts Mike Pierce and Jesus. In today’s show they’ll discuss episode 6 “Place of Dead Roads” – Jacob, Scott, Katie, Seth and Richie finally make it to the Titty Twister. There’s drama inside and outside – what will

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Our Thoughts: Hannibal “Yakimono” – Season 2 EP 7 – TV Recap [podcast]

Variety Radio Radio brings you the Hannibal TV Recap Show with your hosts Jesus Figueroa and Mike Pierce. In today’s show they’ll discuss season two’s episode “Yakimono.” – Will FINALLY gets released from the crazy hospital, Dr. Bloom is still being a total snatch, Jack is finally starting to see the light,

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Bates Motel

Our Thoughts: Bates Motel “Presumed Innocent” – Season 2 EP 7 – TV Recap [podcast]

Variety Radio Radio brings you the Bates Motel TV Recap Show with hosts Mike Pierce, Jesus and Brancey. In today’s show they’ll sit and talk about the “Presumed Innocent” episode that aired on Monday on A&E. Don’t forget if you watch the show – feel free to scroll down below and leave a comment. The

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My Thoughts: Vikings “Brother’s War”

OHHHH MANNNNNN… Season 2 is back and all I gotta say is…BOUT TIME FREAKING TIME!! I just watched “Brother’s War” and whoa…what a prefect start to a new season. Talk about a crazy battle in beginning. Glad Rollo was spared by the gods. I have a feeling Ragnar’s going to

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Stephen Amell of ‘Arrow’ – Emerald City Comicon 2014 – Interview [video]

Two of my fellow VRO hosts attended the Emerald City Comic-Con this year – and not only did they have a lot of fun – – but they had the chance to sit down and chat with ARROW‘s Stephen Amell who took the time from his busy schedule to answer

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Our Thoughts: Supernatural – “Meta Fiction” – TV Recap [podcast]

Supernatural Recap Show on Variety Radio Online with hosts Brancey, Amy and Mike ‘the movie guy’ Pierce! They’ll discuss the CW hit series Supernatural. Want to be apart of our show? Join us in the chat room during our live shows or e-mail your thoughts to See more at CWTV.COM Check out our website for all of our reviews and

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The Originals

My Thoughts: The Originals “The Big Uneasy” [podcast]

THE ORIGINALS made its return last night on the CW. I decided to do something different…well…really not different – just bringing it back. It’s the return of my AudioBoo reviews! Ready?! Lets go… listen to ‘The Originals “The Big Uneasy” – TV Review’ on Audioboo

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