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‘THE BOY’ Official Final Trailer Starring Lauren Cohan

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Check out the final trailer for THE BOY.

Hmmmmmm…I’m not sure about this one yet. (lol) The doll is freaky…and Lauren “Maggie” Cohan IS in this. (lol) Hmmmmm…will I see it?

Probably so. I like freaky dolls…and Maggie.

Are you checking it out? Have you seen it already?


The Walking Dead “Heads Up” – S6E7 Review [podcast]

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WALKING DEAD fans!!! It’s here!! Our review on last night’s episode of THE WALKING DEAD. After you listen to our craziness….feel free to leave a comment below! We’ll be back next week – – next Sunday’s the mid-season finale…then we have to wait ’till Valentine’s Day. WACK!!! (lol)


The Walking Dead “Now” / S6E5 Review [podcast]

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Did you push play already?! If you have – thank you and if you haven’t…what are you waiting for?! (lol) I couldn’t make this recap show either so here are my thoughts…

I like Aaron. I think he’s a cool dude…now that I think about it…he’s the only Alexandrian that I would like spared. Everyone else can die. (lol) It took some serious balls to admit that he lost his bag and photos – – and pretty much led the Wolves to their community.

WHOA! Major bomb dropped. Maggie’s pregnant – – but the wifey and I called that a couple of episodes ago…so we weren’t really surprised. (lol)

Spencer is a total douche bag – I need him eaten already. I hate Ron – he’s a little shit. Die already. I don’t care about Tara and Denise. BORRINNGGGGGG.

Oh damn…Rick and Jesse make out. I’m not really sure what I think of this ‘soon to be’ relationship. I can’t allow Rick to have any distractions. (lol) I mean – she’s hot and all – – but – – I don’t know.

Ohhhh and did ya’ll see that crack in the wall?! That’s going to bust open, huh?! Ohh mannnnnn. Tomorrow night…well…really tonight. I have a feeling it’s going to be intense. It looks to be a full episode of Daryl, Abraham and Sasha.

…hey…maybe Sasha will get eaten Sunday night. (lol)

I give this episode…8 out of 10.


The Walking Dead “Here’s Not Here” / S6E4 Review [podcast]

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I hope ya’ll enjoyed the recap show and thanks for listening.

So…since I couldn’t make this week’s recap – I’ve decided to give my thoughts on the episode.

I definitely enjoyed this episode more than Kristen and Brancey. The hour and half was perfect for me. I loved how we finally got to see Morgan’s transformation…especially who taught him how to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!! I thought it was a great character episode.

I like me some Morgan…but leaving that Wolf alive at the end…locked up in a house. NOT good.

I give this episode an 8 out of 10.



I Freaking Love This!! 

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Here ya go Walking Dead fans…some of my fellow VRO podcast hosts decided to share something with me the other night…

How freaking awesome is this?! ?

I haven’t had the chance to watch Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead yet…but…what I’m hearing…nothing was said about Glenn’s death.

Is he dead?

Is he alive?

I guess we’ll never know…for now. (lol)

Share: Asks Mike “What Would You Put in Your Zombie Survival Crate?!”

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Now…before I even get started in what I’d put in my zombie crate – some of ya’ll are probably wondering…

“Who the hell are Mike?!”

Well…they’re this super, sick company that ships awesome gifts to men – but wait – these aren’t just gifts in a UPS box. These gifts arrive in a WOODEN CRATE! You have to use a freaking CROW BAR to open them!! How sweet is that?! You have to check out their site. It’s too cool for school.

So now…some of ya’ll are probably wondering…

“How did they find you Mike?!”

Well…from my podcasts. Yep. My FEAR THE WALKING DEAD and THE WALKING DEAD podcasts. Have you heard them yet?! Check them out when you can – I don’t do them by myself – I’ve got a crew! :) We just love talking these shows.

OK! OK! Enough of that – lets talk about my crate. What would “I” put in my Man Crate Zombie Survival Crate.

  1. Rambo Knife
  2. Katana Sword – like Michonne in The Walking Dead
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. A Survival Slingshot
  5. Cans of Tuna and other non-perishable canned food.
  6. Duct Tape – I love this stuff!
  7. Hatchet
  8. Fishing Gear
  9. Firestarter Kit
  10. M16 with ammo

Well…I think that’s it. I think it’s a pretty sweet list. Don’t you? What would YOU put in your zombie survival crate?!

Also, don’t forget to check out – they have some sweet gifts for men (and maybe women) – – including…YES…several zombie survivor kits!