Candice Patton

Step into Liquid: Candice Patton [video]

I ran across this video today…well…actually I got a notification from Maxim’s YouTube channel and what a great notification this was!! Candice Patton doing a little sum sum on the beach. If you watch THE FLASH…you are welcome. If you don’t watch THE FLASH…you should. It’s a pretty sweet show

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The Strong Woman of HERCULES!

Mighty Hercules a man of strength, courage and heroism who with his fearless team of warriors led his army in a battle against overwhelming odds.  Amongst those warriors were three strong women who had a unique strength of their own. Atalanta, one of the fiercest warriors in battle. Ergenia, has

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ADDICTED’s William Levy Career Highlights

William Levy, Cuban actor and model, is poised for a big breakthrough. Though he is one of the biggest superstars in the world of telenovelas and Spanish-language media, William Levy will be more popular than ever after audiences see his new film, ‘ADDICTED’. ‘ADDICTED’ , the steamy sex saga based on

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Inbar Lavi

Behind the Scenes with Gang Related’s Inbar Lavi [video]

Not only is GANG RELATED a cool show to watch Fox…but Inbar Lavi is like WHOA! Like a lot of WHOA’S!! The Gang Related starlet gives you a behind the scenes look at her sexy Maxim photo shoot. GANG RELATED airs on FOX every Thursday night. Check out the Inbar

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Fernanda Romero

Sexy? Banned Carl’s Jr Superbowl Commercial – Big Sausage Breakfast [video]

Did you happen to catch the Super Bowl this past Sunday? I did…but NOT for football – for the commercials…and I must say…they weren’t all that great. So for those of you who felt just like me – I found one that was actually BANNED! Yep – it’s the BANNED

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The ‘TEQULA SISTERS’ Are Coming to TV

TVGN (TV GUIDE NETWORK) SPICES UP THE HOLIDAYS WITH THE ORIGINAL SERIES PREMIERE OF “TEQUILA SISTERS” ON TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10 AT 8:00 PM ET/PT LOS ANGELES — November 5, 2013 — TVGN (TV Guide Network) serves up December on the rocks as a father struggles to keep tradition alive while

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Melanie Iglesias

Melanie Iglesias Raises Money for Autism [video]

Melanie Iglesias visits SlickforceStudio, home of the Melanie Iglesias Store, for a 24-hour poster signing promotion to benefit Autism Speaks. She is soon overwhelmed with the flood of orders! For more info, visit To learn about Autism Speaks, visit I just love her.

Drink Houston

This Weeekend at Drink Houston [photos]

Good times this weekend at Drink Houston. On Friday – we celebrated our November Babies…yep…we threw a party for everyone that was born in the month of November. You could say it was a little crazy. Every Friday night – Dj Penetrate and I throw a little party for everyone.

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Maria on Twitter @marical30 ‘Movie Girl of the Week’ – Maria

iWATCHMIKE.COM ‘MOVIE GIRL OF THE WEEK’ Name: Maria Flangea Age: 37 City: Los Angeles, CA What’s your favorite action movie? Indiana Jones and the Raiders of Lost Ark What’s your favorite comedy? Death at a Funeral (British) What’s your favorite drama? Gone with the Wind What’s your favorite horror? The Conjuring What’s your favorite sci-fi & fantasy? Star

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Ana on Instagram @Silly_Weirdoo ‘Movie Girl of the Week’ – Ana

iWATCHMIKE.COM ‘MOVIE GIRL OF THE WEEK’ Name: Ana Uriarte Age: 22 City: Houston, Texas What’s your favorite action movie? Invasion U.S.A. What’s your favorite comedy? Forest Gump What’s your favorite drama? The Perks of Being a Wallflower What’s your favorite horror? Child’s Play What’s your favorite sci-fi & fantasy? Star

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