The Vatican Tapes

The Vatican Tapes – Official Trailer

Pantelion Films has a new horror flick. It’s called THE VATICAN TAPES and hits theaters July 24th and I gotta say…It’s sooooo hard to see Michael Pena in this movie. (lol) I’m a huge fan of his and to picture him fighting the devil. (lol) It’s just hard to see. I

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It’s been released horror fans! INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 I don’t know about ya’ll – but this is one of my favorite horror franchises. I’m a fan of the first and second one…more the first though. (lol) By the looks of it – – this is ‘supposed’ to be the first

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Unfriended – Official Trailer

A friend of mine sent me this – – the new horror, thriller trailer for UNFRIENDED. I watched it and I LIKED ITTT!! A pretty interested way to make a movie. It kind of reminded me of the MODERN FAMILY episode that took place entirely online. Either way – I’m

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Before I Wake – Trailer

Watched the trailer. Not going to lie – I thought at first – – it was going to be some kind of “awwwwwww’ movie – HELL NAH! His nightmares come true! OHHH DAMNNNNN! This one looks good. BEFORE I WAKE – opening in theaters nationwide on May 8, 2015! Oh…and

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All Through the House

Holiday Slasher: All Through the House

Check it out movie fans! I just received the press release for the upcoming HOLIDAY horror/slasher flick…ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE. Ya know. I really like that title. (lol) I really do. I just watched the trailer and…OH YEAHHHHH. I see a lot of blood and gore. I see hot chicks…and

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Iron Doors

Mike ‘the movie guy’ DVD Review: Iron Doors

(SPOILERS) I checked out another movie…   Fans of claustrophobic, single location thrillers such as Cube, Saw and Buried are in for a real treat this month when Stephen Manuel’s multi award winning IRON DOORS is released on DVD and VOD in UK by Warwick Films with a street date of January 19th 2015. As you can see

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The Lazarus Effect

Enter to Win! CLOSED – ‘THE LAZARUS EFFECT’ Guaranteed Seat Screening [contest]

#EvilWillRise folks! The lovely Olivia Wilde and AMERICAN HORROR STORY’S Evan Peter’s has a new horror movie hitting theaters February 27th!   From masters of horror Blumhouse Productions—producer of THE PURGE, INSIDIOUS and SINISTER franchises —THE LAZARUS EFFECT follows a group of researchers led by Frank (Mark Duplass) and his fiancée

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Crimson Peak

CRIMSON PEAK – Teaser Trailer and New Photos

  It’s late and I just watched the Guillermo del Toro (WHO IS AWESOME) trailer – – it’s for his new supernatural, horror film CRIMSON PEAK! Yes. It’s great! (lol) It stars a pretty sweet cast…Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston, Jim Beaver and Charlie Hunnam- YES. Jax Teller himself

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Mike ‘the movie guy’ Movie Review: Cut

CUT!, a twisted, psychological thriller, which won BEST FILM, BEST DIRECTOR, BEST LEADING ACTOR, and the AWARD of MERIT for AUDIO at the 2014 Independent Film and Television Festival was named by Movie Rankings as one of the TOP 5 HORROR MOVIES of 2014. The film stars David Banks, Dahlia

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POLTERGEIST – New Trailer!

Well. I just watched it. Hmmmmmm…what to think. They sure show A LOT in the trailer. I hate when movie people do that. Some of the stuff I just saw would have been great to see in the theater. BUT…I could be wrong. Maybe there’s nothing to worry about. (lol)

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