A Good Day to Die Hard

@ThisFunktional DVD Review: ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’

  Review By Jesus Figueroa Action-packed “A Good Day to Die Hard” continues with the adventure of John McClane, played by Bruce Willis. The action sequences are thrilling and spread well throughout the film not interrupting the story line that builds up. John heads to Russia where his son Jack

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Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption DVD - iwatchmike.com

Watch my movie review of ‘SCORPION KING 3: BATTLE FOR REDEMPTION’ DVD (video)

I checked out another movie for you guys and gals. SCORPION KING 3: BATTLE FOR REDEMPTION on DVD. Watch and see what I thought BEFORE spending YOUR money! WATCH more movie reviews HERE! DVD reviews HERE!

NYE2012 at Club Roxy

‘KILLER ELITE’ New Year’s Eve Party at Club Roxy!

Slammed Entertainment & iWatchMike.com Presents: The ‘KILLER ELITE’ NEW YEARS EVE 2012 Party!! ** BOOK YOUR PARTY NOW ** **BOOK YOUR SPOT** Book your table now with my party girl, Crystal @ (832) 525-5944 or EMAIL her at clubroxy@gmail.com – – – – – – – – – – –

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My Netflix DVD Review: ‘SUPER’

Checked out SUPER the other night…talk about nuts. I did like the movie…can’t say my girlfriend did though. (LOL) SUPER stars a pretty cool cast…Rainn Wilson (The Office), Liv Tyler, Ellen Page, and even Kevin Bacon. The movie’s about an ordinary dude named Frank (Rainn Wilson) – he has a

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My Netflix DVD Review: ‘THE SHINING’

I bet some of ya’ll are thinking, “Mike…please tell you’ve seen THE SHINING already?!” and the answer is YES…happens to be one of my favorite flicks. The issue here at the house was…my girlfriend hadn’t seen it. YEP! The nerve! (LOL) Actually, she was reading the book and well…I was

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Mike & Carlos Sanchez

‘FAST FIVE’ DVD Release Party! (photo)

This past weekend…we had a little party at the ROXY. CMS Performance was in the house, Marcus Manchild stopped by, Tires2U.com hooked people up, we handed out FAST FIVE DVD’s and goodies to club goers…ANDDDDD…from the movie, Carlos Sanchez came out to hang with the fans. Pretty cool dude. I

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Fast Five - car wash

FAST FIVE Car Wash in #Houston!

In just a few hours! FAST FIVE DVD release event! 10a-1p at Dr Gleem Car Wash with Dj Freddy B in the mix! FAST FIVE Sexy GoGo’s Mirely Elizondo Mtz, Cherilee Davis, Miss Mai Khou are hooking people up with prizes! Bring Your cameras…get a photo & wash your ride

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My #Netflix DVD Review: ‘BEREAVEMENT’

Ok people. Checked out BEREAVEMENT the other night and I was soooooooooo disappointed in this movie. If it wouldn’t have been for sexy Alexandra Daddario…this would have been a total 1 hour 43 minute waste of time. The movie’s about this girl named Allison (Daddario) who goes and lives with

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My #Netflix DVD Review: ‘THE LOST TRIBE’

I watched this one the other night…and it was pretttty interesting. When it first started…I was thinking to myself, “Ahh…this one’s going to suck.” Then…BAM!!The action kicks in and it gets pretty crazy. (LOL) THE LOST TRIBE is about these people…guys and girls who are spending a little fun time

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#Netflix DVD Review: ‘LITTLE FOCKERS’

I finally watched LITTLE FOCKERS…and I have to say…it’s just like the others. (LOL) I mean, nothing can beat the first one, MEET THE PARENTS…but this one makes ya laugh. LITTLE FOCKERS starts 10 years later – – – Greg (Ben Stiller) and Pam (Teri Polo) are married with two

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#Netflix DVD Review: ‘MEGAMIND’

MEGAMIND was a pretty cool movie. It stars the voices of Brad Pitt (Metro Man), Tina Fey (Roxanne Ritchie), Will Ferrell (Megamind), and Jonah Hill (Titan). The movie starts off like any typical super hero movie – super beings from outer space…their planet blows up and they come to earth.

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#Netflix DVD Review: ‘THE RITE’

Watched THE RITE the other night. Let me start off by saying…the trailer is a lot better than the movie. Don’t get me wrong…Anthony Hopkins is tha shit!! He has to be one of my favorite actors. It’s just…the movie disappointed me people. I thought this was going to be

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Deadfall Trail - Now on DVD

#Netflix DVD Review: ‘DEADFALL TRAIL’

Mayne, I checked this one out last night after getting home from the club. I’m not sure if I’m the only one…but this movie was a waste of my time! Good lord was it boring…maybe I just didn’t get it…but…WOW. DEADFALL TRAIL starts off with three guys…who decide to go

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