Drink Houston

This Weeekend at Drink Houston [photos]

Good times this weekend at Drink Houston. On Friday – we celebrated our November Babies…yep…we threw a party for everyone that was born in the month of November. You could say it was a little crazy. Every Friday night – Dj Penetrate and I throw a little party for everyone.

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Thor: The Dark World

‘Thor: The Dark World’ at Drink Houston

  KNOCK AT THE DOOR. Who is it? THOR. GOD OF THUNDER. Yep. I got my hands of some screening passes for the upcoming Marvel movie, THOR: THE DARK WORLD. Tonight’s going to be an interesting night at Drink Houston. I’ve already got people texting me, “Mike! Hook it up!”

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Drink Houston

Music: Dj Wicked and Mike Pierce ‘Bedroom Mix’ [podcast]

DJ Wicked and I did it again…another week of the BEDROOM MIX. Who doesn’t love FREE tunes?! Ohhhh…and for all my Houston folks…in the mix – I talk about the Sexy PJ Party that’s happening this Friday night at DRINK HOUSTON! ENJOY…

Drink Houston

@DrinkHouston – Live Mix 6/28/13 – DJ Wicked Podcast w/ Mike Pierce [podcast]

On Friday, June 28 – I joined DJ Wicked for Free Party Friday’s at Drink Houston. We broadcast on VaughnLive.tv/mikethemovieguy – the webcast starts at 10PM – – join us, chat with us, listen to us…good times!

Friday's at Drink Houston

Friday Night Party!

It was a longggggg weekend. Friday night – I started my new spot with Dj Wicked. FREE PARTY FRIDAYS at Drink Houston. If you feel like getting into something – swing on by. If you don’t live in Houston – you can always watch and hear us LIVE on the

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Mike Pierce and Dj Wicked

CLUB ROXY – Live Mix 4/12/13 – DJ WKD Podcast w/ Mike Pierce [podcast]

THE CLUB ROXY PODCAST IS BACK! We’ve be down for a minute – ‘someone’ played with your computer’s settings and messed us up. BUT…BYAHAHAHAHA! We’re back up…all in yo face! Oh and with the computer up – we’re also webcasting on vaughnlive.tv/mikethemovieguy

Club Roxy in Houston

A Good Time at the Club! [photos]

Just another cool night at the club. If you’re ever in Houston – swing by Club Roxy on a Friday night…it’s what we call ROCK YA BODY FRIDAYS! Check out our podcast – it’s something you can dance to!  

Warm Bodies at Club Roxy

‘Warm Bodies’ at Club Roxy [photos]

We had a fun night at the Roxy in Houston. ‘WARM BODIES’ were definately in the building!

Drink Houston

Good Times At Drink Houston! [photos]

DRINK HOUSTON – Just a huge club in Houston. 5 rooms. Yeah, you could say it’s one HUGE party. BYAHAHAHAHA!! Good times!

Dj Wicked and Mike Pierce

Club Roxy – Live Mix 1/18/13 – Dj Wicked w/ Mike Pierce [podcast]

This past Friday night at Club Roxy in Houston – we celebrated my birthday…ANNNDDD my girl’s birthday…well, Nina’s birthday was at midnight. Funny thing is…I don’t think she waited for midnight. (lol) Enjoy the DJ Wicked ‘Rock Ya Body Fridays’ Mix

Mike Pierce - Birthday Bash


Tomorrow night at Club Roxy…we’re throwing a little party. Of course I didn’t want anything…I’m a quiet kind of guy…BUT…they insisted. SOOOOO…I gave in. ‘Rock Ya Body Fridays’ Birthday Bash for yours trully. It should be an interetsing night. (lol) If you can’t make it out or don’t live here…you

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Dj Wicked and Mike Pierce

Club Roxy – Live Mix 12/28/12 – Dj Wicked w/ Mike Pierce [podcast]

Check it out music fans! It’s the LAST Dj Wicked Rock Ya Body Fridays Podcast mix…for 2012! Yep, the next mix we have….will be 2013! WATCH OUT NOW! Hope you enjoy this mix – Wicked and I do a little ‘extra’ to this mix. BYAHAHAHAHA!

texas chainsaw 3D - goodies

Texas Chainsaw 3D at Drink Houston

I got a special delivery this weekend…at first….I was thinking…KEEP ALL THESE POSTERS AND T-SHIRTS FOR MYSELF. Then…I thought, “Oh Mike…it’s the Christmas holidays. You should give these away.” So, then I decided to give them away online at iWatchMike.com BUT then it hit me…why not give these away at

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