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The Visit


By Sherita McAdams

The Village.

Lady In The Water.

The Happening.

The. Last. Airbender.

Some of these films, to name a few, are trigger enough upon seeing writer/director M. Night Shyamalan to toss tomatoes at him but before you do—hold on to your produce—because Shyamalan may be back. Like, Sixth Sense back. Like, Signs back. At least for a huge one time apology in the hour and a half form that is The Visit.

In his first found footage film, Shyamalan tells the tale of a single mother (Kathryn Hahn), whom after being contacted by her estranged parents decides to send her two children off go to visit them for the first time at their isolated farmhouse. The eldest child, Becca, decides to polish her filmmaking chops and film the experience for a future documentary. Only for one week, what things could go wrong? If you’ve been on any of the previews, you know the oven is one of them.

Shyamalan hits strong on the emotions—from the start you are pulled into the broken background of family, and curious as to what exactly lead to the estrangement of parents and daughter. Although a Horror film, The Visit separates itself from the parade of ghost children and haunted homes like others as of late, and plays on the terrors of real life itself. Facing your past, being in a new environment, the trials of getting older and watching your loved ones do the same. It also begs the question as far as old age behavior is concerned, what is normal? And what is the line that breaks it beyond?

Performance-wise the acting is delivered complete by all cast, but Nana shines (Deanna Dunagan) bringing the true scares and the youngest of the children, Tyler (Ed Oxenbould), packing in heavy on the comedic punch.  Throughout the film you laugh, you get emotional, and you definitely get a big batch of creeps comparable to the size of Nana’s homemade cookies. In typical Shyamalan form, prepare yourself for a twist some may never see coming—but delievered well. The entire film is entertainment from start to finish, but it’s truly the last 20 minutes that grabs you by the trousers.  All in all, the film is a Visit to remember and now in theaters everywhere nationwide.

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