‘Revenge of the Ninja’ Movie Review

Good lord…I just watched the trailer and damn! They showed everything! (lol) Man. I miss the 80’s.

Ok – so I watched this the other night…came on the RETRO CHANNEL!

Holy crap balls!! I loved this movie as a kid. I was 11 years old…I had my own ninja throwing stars…the climbing claws…ohhhhhhhh the memories.

Watching now…this was so horrible, it was awesome. 1983…ohhhh the 80’s action movies. I still love them to this day.

Sho Kosugi was super cool.
Ashley Ferrare was super hot!
Fight scenes then…awesome to an 11 year old Mike.
Fight scenes now…hilarious! But still love them.

Ohhhhh the memories!!

I give REVENGE OF THE NINJA…3 popcorns as older Mike – 11 year old Mike would’ve given it 5 popcorns! (lol)


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