#Parents! #ZOOMOO Available Exclusively on DIRECTV Launches Safari Pop



The new program broadcasts exclusively on DIRECTV channel 432 every Sunday at 12pm ET / 11:00am CT

ZooMoo, the first interactive children’s channel in the world designed to promote a love of nature and animals through a unique and safe experience, has released a new show called Safari Pop. Throughout this program the host, Gorilla Ninja (one of the channel’s biggest star) uses his superpowers to transport children to different parts of the world, like the desert, snow, somewhere high up in the trees, under water, etc., so they will learn about the animals that live there.

Tune in to Safari Pop exclusively on DIRECTV channel 432 every Sunday at 12pm ET / 11:00am CT (with repeats on the same day at 5 and 7 pm ET / 4 and 6pm CT).


Gorilla Ninja, who uses his incredible karate skills to convert any object into an amazing creation, also appears in other ZooMoo programs next to his fellow cast members. You can also watch him in the show ¡Perdido! (Lost!), where Flash the puppy teaches children about different parts of the world using photographs as clues so his friends along with viewers, may find him when he is lost. Gorilla Ninja is also on the program A Esculpir (Sculpt It) next to its host Francis the raccoon, where children are taught to create art pieces with clay. Together they all help young children develop knowledge and affection for animals, taking children on a lifelong journey of love for nature conservation with each of its programs.

Gorilla Ninja

ZooMoo combines puppets, cartoons and the most incredible images of natural history worldwide in high definition (HD) to tell stories about the animal kingdom. This channel has more than 7,000 individual stories about animals, and more than 500 hours of original content, which are seen by 140 million people in 23 countries.

ZooMoo also offers multimedia content and a mobile application that can be used by itself, but when synced to the channel it enhances the television experience turning smart phones and tablets into an extension of what’s on the TV screen allowing children to automatically collect the animals that appear in it.

For more information visit: http://america.zoomoo.tv/

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