Drive -

My DVD Review: “Drive”

DRIVE…starring Ryan Gosling. Is it just me…or is Ryan Gosling a pimp. Everything he does is always good. Right? or am I wrong? In DRIVE…he’s a ‘jack of all trades’…by day…he’s a stunt driver for the movies and at night…he drives getaway cars for the bad guys. YES – HE

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Dolphin Tale

My DVD Review: “Dolphin Tale”

OK OK…I know some of ya’ll are thinking, “Mike – what the hell are you watching? CRAPPY Hallmark movie.” – – – – WHATEVER! Just look at the cast involved – Harry, Ashley, Kris, Morgan, and…WINTER the Dolphin. Not going to lie – – I totally passed on this one at the

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the adventures of tintin -

My DVD Review: “The Adventures of TinTin”

I finally watched THE ADVENTURES OF TIN TIN the other night and you know something? I really wish I would’ve seen this one in the theater…in 3D. See, at the time it came out – – – I didn’t know anything about the series (still don’t) and I didn’t think

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394104_10150707808694899_781744898_12190989_1398240525_n Cyber Girl Ashley Zeitler’s Shoot (video)

I gotta show my support…San Antonio, Texas…ok ok, I know it’s not Houston…but it’s STILL Texas. (lol)

The Thing -

My DVD Review: “The Thing”

I finally got the chance to watch 2011’s THE THING – quite a few people thought this was a re-boot…but it wasn’t. It’s actual the prelude to John Carpenter’s 1982 THE THING, starring Kurt Russell. So…if you haven’t seen THAT one – – – it’s all good in the hood…watch

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Weekend Box Office

TOP BOX OFFICE 1. The Hunger Games $33.5M 2. American Reunion $21.5M 3. Titanic $17.4M 4. Wrath of the Titans $15.0M 5. Mirror Mirror $11.0M 6. 21 Jump Street $10.2M 7. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax $5.0M 8. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen $975.0K 9. John Carter $820.0K 10. Safe House

Read More Amateur Sophia Alexandria's Sexy Shoot Amateur Sophia Alexandria’s Sexy Shoot! (video)

“ is on set with Sophia Alexandria to shoot her exclusive pictorial. Get to know more about Sophia Alexandria by watching our behind the scenes footage and the complete nude version available exclusively on Playboy Plus.” – PLAYBOY See her pictorial at:

The Woman

My Netflix Movie Review: “The Woman”

I FINALLY checked out THE WOMAN last night. See…when it came out here in Houston…the drive to the ONLY theater playing it was too far for my ass…soooo…I decided to patently wait for it to come to DVD. THE WOMAN starts off straight into blood, mud and dirt. Weird looking

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Ted -

“TED” Restricted Trailer! (video)

Holy crap! If haven’t seen the trailer for TED yet…never fear people…the internet released the ‘restricted’ trailer for the film….OH. MY. GOD. This is going to be hilarious. ENJOY movie fans! Ted – TV Spot: “Kick in the Head/Mila” Ted – TV Spot: “Childhood Wish/Brewski” Ted – TV Spot: “Likes/Rev”

Popcorn at the Movies -


TOP BOX OFFICE 1. The Hunger Games $58.6M 2. Wrath of the Titans $33.5M 3. Mirror Mirror $18.1M 4. 21 Jump Street $14.8M 5. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax $7.8M 6. John Carter $2.0M 7. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen $1.3M 8. Act of Valor $1.0M 9. A Thousand Words $902.6K

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Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s April 2012 Maxim Cover Shoot! (video)

I love her. It’s just that simple. More Photos: Interview:…


Mel Gibson in “GET THE GRINGO” trailer! (video)

Check it out movie fans…Century Fox Home Entertainment is spreading the word of their May 1st ‘Video on Demand’ release of GET THE GRINGO, written, produced by and starring Mel Gibson. Looks pretty good AND funny…all wrapped up like a little Mexican taco!

Detention -

Houston Represent! “Detention” trailer! (video)

Hello movie fans! Recently…the internet released the trailer for the upcoming horror/slasher flick – DETENTION.  Are you ready ladies? The film stars Josh Hutcherson of THE HUNGER GAMES and Dane Cook and will hit theaters on Friday, April 13th…it’s the perfect date to release a movie like this! BYAHAHAHAHAHA! By the

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