I checked out PROJECT X the other day. GOOD LORD. Talk about a crazy flick. SUPER BAD meets THE HANGOVER. (lol) It’s a simple story – three high school seniors named Thomas, Costa, and JB – they have no reputation – they are not cool what so ever. So they decide to make a name for themselves…and what better way…then on Thomas’s birthday. (lol) His parent’s are going out of town for the weekend…so it must be a sign from God!!

Costa takes on the job of planning everything – – to inviting everyone in school, posting an invite on Craig’s List, Facebook, Twitter…EVERYWHERE. This party that was supposed to have a few kids from school…turns out be a couple of thousand. OH YEAHHHHHH. PROJECT X is a total mayhem of a movie. SEX, NAKEDNESS, DRUGS, ALCOHOL…and flying dogs. It’s got everything. I think all parents should watch this movie…for research purposes. (lol)

I personally was a little disappointed in the movie. I thought all the funny parts were in the trailer and I hate that!! See, I was hoping to laugh like I did during THE HANGOVER. Not comparing the two movies…just hoped for some crude lines. (lol) BUTTTTTT…I still enjoyed all the craziness…midgets punching people in the balls…

dog bouncing in a moon jump….

girls sucking on popsicles…

girls making out with girls…

topless chicken fights…

what more could you want?


PROJECT X is a fun movie to watch and listen to…soundtrack was pretty dope. If you haven’t seen it yet – you probably could just wait for it to be released on DVD. I’m sure there’s going to be an UNrated version and if that’s the case…I’m adding it to my DVD collection. (lol)

I give PROJECT X… 3 out of 5 POPCORNS!

  • Khalid Al-Kalla

    For once a movie that doesn’t show all its funny parts in the trailer! This brought more…EXACTLY what every other movie should! Great Review!

    • http://iwatchmike.com/ Mike ‘the movie guy’ Pierce