Movie Review: WRECK IT RALPH

YES! I finally got to finish watching WRECK IT RALPH – it took me like 4 days. (lol) Yeah – the boys it challenging at times. (lol)

So, what did I think of the movie?

I freaking loved it! Even with the voice of Sarah Silverman. (Sorry, just haven’t become a fan of hers.) I thought the movie rocked. Loved all the video games. This movie brought back so many video arcade memories. The good ole days of walking into an arcade – pockets full of quarters – and playing your little heart out. MAN! Loved those days.

Movie’s funny, awesome – – – just a cool ass flick. If you haven’t watched it yet – you should. Now I can watch WRECK IT RALPH 2. (lol)

You’re probably wondering – did Maddox like it? Ahhhhh he started to watch it – – but got easily distracted. He did like the car racing but that was about it. (lol)

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