Movie Review: The Wind

The Wind review by Linda Ruiz

Lizzie (Caitlin Gerard) and Isaac Mackin (Ashley Zukerman) live in solitude in the American frontier in the 1800s. Not a tree, not a tribe of Indians nor neighbors for hundreds of miles, except for the wind. Unrelenting and constant, it’s Lizzie’s most unwelcome companion. So when her husband Isaac tells her they have new neighbors Lizzie is more than thrilled.

Emma (Julia Goldani Telles) and Gideon Harper (Dylan McTee) are newlyweds who have come down to the frontier from Chicago. Emma is a city girl who is not cut out for this desolate existence and Gideon knows nothing about farming, but is determined to make a life for them there. With the help of the Macklin’s they are on their way to achieving that goal.

A few months later Emma confides to Lizzie that she feels something is not right with the land and that the wind is something otherworldly.  Since she is pregnant Lizzie doesn’t tell Emma that she agrees with her, nor does she tell her about her own supernatural experiences. Is Lizzie afraid that if she confirms Emma’s fear the young family will move away?

As Emma’s pregnancy progresses so does the attacks on both women. The wind revels in tormenting the both of them until one of them breaks. Or did one break the other?

Teresa Sutherland has written a psychological thriller that will have you thinking about The Wind, long after you have left the movie theater.

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