Mike TV Reaction: The Flash “True Colors”


WATCHED IT SPEEDSTERS!!! I thought “True Colors” was dope.

It was cool seeing the past metahuman’s in prison.

Ralph’s ability to shape shift…pretty cool.

HMMMM…Not really a BIG fan Amunet, but I am a fan of Killer Frost and well…we got to see her again. 😍

That ending though. When Warden Wolf tells the metahumans that Barry’s The Flash. Whoa! That whole scene was nuts. DeVoe kills the metahumans. WTF?! Now DeVoe’s a chick!! Whaaaa?! I’m sure the wifey isn’t going to approve of this body switch. (Lol)

Ralph showing up as DeVoe in court. Whaaaa?! Barry is now a free man! Like I said…dope episode.

The Flash returns Tuesday February 27

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