I just finished watching last week’s episode. Pretty damn good I’d say.

Barry and Ralph’s meta-human problem. I liked. I thought this week’s meta-human was cool. She definitely was a pain the guys sides. (lol)

Great seeing Breacher return (Danny Trejo). He’s always hilarious. Hmmmmmm but now with his power’s gone…WILL CISCO ACCEPT HIS JOB OFFER? Will he leave Team Flash? Hmmmmmm…I think he’ll end up staying – once this whole DeVoe thing is done…I bet he takes the gig. The dude’s in love and she’s a total hottie! (lol)

Oh! and speaking of DeVoe – for a dude being so smart – he’s seriously lost his mind!!! (lol) What he’s doing to his wife is totally messed up. Ouch!

…and the very ending with Dr. Wells – – – honestly, I’m over his story. I’m not feeling this dude anymore. If he turns evil Dr. Wells again…I’ll be bummed. (lol)

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