Just finished watching tonight’s episode of The Flash and MAN!! What an intense freaking episode!! Barry was running around like a mad man. (lol) That whole Flashtime stuff was pretty dope. A little confusing in the beginning but dope. (lol) It was definitely cool seeing everyone again – I’m a fan of Jesse Quick and Jay “Papa Flash.”

Question is…is the Speed Force cool with Barry or pissed? (lol)

Hmmmmmm Jay “Papa Flash” mentions he’s teaching a new female Sppedster…I wonder who that is?! Will she be someone we already know or someone new? Mannnnn waiting sucks! (lol)

…and finally…that little coffee girl. She’s back tonight…what’s her story? Is she from the future? She looks like Barry and Iris’s kid. (lol) Am I wrong? (lol) But then again…once Wells and Caitlyn’s leaves – she throws them an “evil face.” (lol) Crap!

Next week…Iris is a Speedster and I can’t wait to see how that all goes. She’s going to be dope!!!

Well…that’s it for me…I’m either going to crash or watch Arrow. (lol)

Feel free to leave your thoughts below…what did you think of tonight’s episode?


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