Mike ‘the movie guy’ Movie Review: Face of the Devil

Movie fans!! I’m sooooooo late with this review. The UK DVD and digital release of FACE OF THE DEVIL was actually on February 6, 2016. Yep…some months ago. I’m soooo sorry to JingaFilms.com – like for real!!

Face of the Devil

Ok – so I watched it last night. So what’s the movie about?

Well…FACE OF THE DEVIL is about seven friends who go to a jungle resort – with no cell phone service…no land line service…no internet service…no nothing!! The first night there – weird stuff starts to happen – – oh and it doesn’t help that one of the girl’s who’s there with her boyfriend – – well – – she lost her mom when she was very young…to something super EVIL!!! So immediately arriving at the resort – the caretaker gets a weird vibe from her. WAIT! I’m going backwards – – OK – moving on. Weird crap starts to happen the first night – – then the next day and well – you get the picture. Just know this – it gets a little crazy.

What did I think of it?

I liked it. It’s a Spanish film with subtitles. I believe it was made in Peru.

I liked the start of the movie – – great images with cool music.

I gotta say it though – – these were some stupid people. (lol) WHY WOULD YOU GO OUTSIDE TO INVESTIGATE A SOUND? IN THE JUNGLE?! Not my ass!! I would have locked the door and waited ‘till morning!! (lol) Oh and another thing – – WHY WOULD YOU PLAY HIDE & SEEK IN THE JUNGLE? Ohhhhh hellllll nawwwwwwww!

The movie had some cute girls and for those of you wonder, “Mike. Any T & A?” Yep – there is. FACE OF THE DEVIL has the right ingredients for a supernatural, horror flick.

Face Of The Devil

I did find the special effects a bit cheesy looking…not the actual ‘killing’ parts but the makeup – – could have been done a little better…at least for my taste. (lol)

I give FACE OF THE DEVIL… 3 out of 5 popcorns. It’s a simple flick and for what budget they seemed to have had – I thought they did a good job.

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