Mike Movie Review: THE FIRST PURGE

I finally made the time to watch THE FIRST PURGE the other night – Netflix baby!!

What did I think?

I thought it rocked!! I love this franchise. If they were to keep making them…I’d keep watching them! (lol)

I thought the cast was dope – I thought the characters they played were cool. Some were off the chart! (lol) I think my favorite character was Dmitri played by Y’lan Noel. He didn’t play and could whoop some ass!

I thought the movie had some bad ass action. Crazy, intense scenes…and some scenes that make ya go “Whaaaaaa!! They went there?!”

Overall – like I said. It rocked!! If you’re a fan of the others – definitely check this one out! If you’re not a fan of the others…try it…ya might even like it. (lol)

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