Mike Movie Review: THE BOSS BABY

Man!! I just finished watching THE BOSS BABY on Netflix and wow! It was hilarious!!!


THE BOSS BABY had it all!! I laughed pretty much through the whole thing. Alec Baldwin was great. I thought he was perfect as the Boss Baby!

Being a new dad – Maddox being 3 and Jaxon being 7 weeks old – – I saw sooooooooo much ‘Mike real life’ in this! (lol) It made me wonder – – “Does Maddox view Jaxon like this at times?” (lol) THE BOSS BABY is totally worth the watch!! A must see! Especially if you’re a parent or parent to-be. (lol)

..and check this out!!!

The Boss Baby, just nominated for a Golden Globe, gets a Netflix series.

How bad ass is that?! A Netlfix series!!!

I give THE BOSS BABY 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿 of 5.

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