Mike Movie Review: LIVE BY NIGHT

I can not lie. When I first saw this trailer back in the day…I thought it look interesting…but I didn’t think I’d ever watch it…I like Ben Affleck…I just knew I had other movies to watch before something like this. (lol)

Fast forward to tonight…after I put down my 3 year old son…I sat on the couch…turned on the TV and POW! LIVE BY NIGHT had just started…so what the heck…I continued to watch it.

What did I think of LIVE BY NIGHT?

This movie was good…a REALLY good. I actually thought it would be a movie about Ben Affleck being a gangster. Honestly…it had soooo much more…I thought it was a perfect packaged movie.

Story was great.

Cast was great.

Violence was great.

It’s worth a watch people.

I give LIVE BY NIGHT…🍿🍿🍿🍿/5

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