Mike Movie Review: DUNKIRK

Just watched finished watching DUNKIRK y’all….

Two things.

One. It’s an amazing movie. Sooooooo good. These men and women went through hell…it’s crazy. So many intense moments. I think within the first 5 minutes…with the music playing…you know it’s about to go down…and it does. Cast, action and story was great. Tom Hardy (one of my favs) is in this. He’s a beast!! Even without gas…he’s a beast. 😉 DUNKIRK is so worth the watch!

Two. Having a sleeping baby in your arms while watching this…might not be the best thing. Jaxon must have jumped 10 times while watching this. 😂

I give DUNKIRK…🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿/5

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