Mike Movie Review: ‘Cabin Fever’

Yeahhhhh…I was hoping I’d like this one…but yeahhhhhh…not so much. I just couldn’t get behind the characters. Is that weird? (lol)

2002 Cabin Fever…waaaayyyyyyyy better for me. Every time that sucker’s on TV – I watch it. (lol)

I did enjoy all the extra blood and gore in this 2016 verson – – but yeahhhhhh. Not enough to make me like the movie. (lol) There was actually times where I almost stopped watching it. But…I had to finish it…maybe it would get better for me. But yeah…nope.

I give CABIN FEVER…1 out of 5 popcorns!

Did you see it? Am I right or am I wrong? (lol)


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