Last night while feeding Jaxon…I started a movie on Netflix called A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY…and I just now finished it…while Jaxon was sleeping. (lol)

MAN!! This has to be one of the best holiday, horror movie’s I’ve seen in a long time.

A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY is not about just ONE thing…but a bunch of little stories happening all at once…that all come together at the end – like a nice Christmas present with sweet bow on top. Some of these stories deal with Santa whooping ass on some zombie elves, Krampus and other little things I don’t want to spoil for you. Just know that the cast was great, horror action was dope and MAN!!! I loved that ending! My mouth dropped…did NOT see that coming. A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY is definitely  worth checking out – especially for this holiday season.

Yo! You even get a cameo from a TV incon! Just watch it movie fans!

I give A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY…5 out 5 popcorns!

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