Yessssssss I’m very late watching this. (lol)

Day 6 of Covid-19 quarantine and making time watching movies. Yesterday I finally started INFINITY WAR during the day while the boys watched their stuff…finished it then jumped into END GAME!

So, what did I think of AVENGERS INFINITY WAR?!

It was amazing and insane! I totally should have watched this in the theater but…it’s all good. Seeing all the Marvel characters fight it out was awesome! I had heard about (and saw the clips) of all the “snap deaths” and it still got me…specially Spider-Man.

Great flick – totally worth the watch even if you’re not a fan of all the super hero stuff – – it’s a great movie with action, drama and comedy! WATCH IT!

I give AVENGERS INFINITY WAR a 5 out of 5!

What did you think?

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