Mike Movie Reaction: AVENGERS: END GAME


Last night I did it! I finally watched AVENGERS: END GAME!


…and it rocked! I can’t lie though…if I had to pick the best one for ME…I would pick INFINITY WAR. What about you?

It was great seeing the gang together again. (lol) One thing I liked about both films was (remember, I don’t read or know about the comics)….with the beheading of Thanos…I was like, “Wait! They killed him – how is he the bad guy in END GAME?” WELLLLLLLL timeeeeeeeee travel! That was all a surprise to me. (lol) I don’t know – – maybe that sounds dumb to some of y’all – – but it was a fun ride for me. (lol)

Thor, Ant-Man and Hulk were hilarious.

Tony Stark was awesome as usual.

One thing I was sad about was…Captain Marvel’s hair. (lol) Sorry y’all…I’m a fan of the long, flowing hair. (lol)

I give AVENGERS: END GAME a 5 out of 5!

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