Malorie Mackey’s ‘Everyone’s Best Friend at Playboy’ Out Now

Written by Jesus Figueroa

The dream of becoming a model is an aspiration for many like Malorie Mackey who has just released “Everyone’s Best Friend at Playboy,” detailing her journey. From Richmond, Virginia to Los Angeles, California, the story takes readers through the personal journey of Mackey as a young model.

“‘Everyone’s Best Friend at Playboy’ has been a work that I have been writing for many years. It, actually, started as my journal,” Mackey said. “I would come back from an excursion and write about it, immediately, just for myself.”

This true story takes readers through Mackiey’s personal journey as a young model through the politics, games, and joys of the Playboy Mansion. This book serves to show that the dream and goal of being a model is possible.

“After my story more or less ended last year, I stepped back and took a look at my journal and thought, ‘This could be a really good story,'” Mackey said. “I cleaned it up and made it more linear and less like journal entries, and that’s how ‘Everyone’s Best Friend at Playboy’ was born.”

The story covers Mackey’s modeling career thus far. How she’s met some bad casting directors that brought her out with the wrong crowd, and through it all, found a home at the Playboy Mansion, where I make countless friends and fell in love with the old building’s routine.

“The first section of my book is a really good example of things aspiring models should look out for.,” Mackey said. “Definitely don’t go to castings that take place at night clubs. Look out for people that promise you anything very quickly. It will most likely be too good to be true.”

The experience brought her to where she is now and is able to share her experience with other that possibly want to model as well. The lesson isn’t just for models, it’s for anyone who wants to be successful in any career.

“(People) should really just stay true to themselves throughout everything. You can’t go wrong just being yourself,” Mackey said.

Though Mackey said the story doesn’t end the way she wished, she walked out with a positive attitude having gone through the experience of a lifetime. This story isn’t over, it’s just leading to other projects, other passions and more that Mackey can add to her experiences. Mackey and Raquel Pomplun’s “Chocolate Milk” YouTube comedy serious keeps going with many funny episodes already up for viewing. “Everyone’s Best Friend at Playboy” chronicles a section of Mackey’s life she wants to share with the world.

“While this is definitely a more serious project, it does have a positive ending and a happy feel,” Mackey said. “I am grateful for all the experiences I had with Playboy.”

Keep an eye out for more of Mackey as she continues on with her adventures. If she’s keeping a journal there may come more stories which can lead to another book.

“Up next, I am trying to get together a travel blog that I can pitch into a really unique travel show. It’s in development now, but, hopefully, there will be more to come soon,” Mackie said. “I also have a horror movie that I worked on with Raquel (Pomplun) called ‘The Taker’ that should be coming out soon.”

“Everyone’s Best Friend at Playboy” has just been released on iBooks, in the Amazon Kindle Store, and on Amazon here. It is also available at Barnes and Noble.

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