Maddox Is a Happy Guy!

Just another normal night here at the Mike household. I was preparing dinner while the wifey and Maddox were watching YouTube videos on the couch…all of a sudden…we hear the door bell ring.

Who could it be this late?

I look through the peep hole…I see no one…I open the door…to see a UPS in the street…I look down at my feet to find a little package. I grab it and walk back in.

I then sit on the couch…open the package…and find this!

Disney Pixar FINDING DORY!! How awesome is this?! Just as I turned the movie over to read the back…Maddox (who is 2 years old) runs and snatches FINDING DORY from me!! (Lol) Smiling from ear to ear.

Yeah. He’s one happy little dude.

FINDING DORY is now available on Digital HD & Disney Movies Anywhere, on Blu-ray November 15.

Be sure to grab your copy. We can’t wait to watch this together.


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