Maddox is a Disney Fan!

Just a few days ago – there was a knock at the door. Maddox finally received his gift…you could call it an early Christmas!!


I don’t know about ya’ll…but I’m not a huge fan of hitting stores and shopping malls. For this particular item – I visited the folks at!! If you’ve never been there before – you’re missing out. They have everything your little one needs or wants! (lol)

Once in the wifey’s office – we grabbed the scissors and opened the box!


OHHHHHH MANNNNNN!!! Will ya take a look at that! It’s the ‘Cars’ Ultimate Ice Racing Die Cast Gift Set!! Pretty sweet if ya ask me! 🙂

Cold wheels: A blizzard of snow-covered speedsters join Lightning McQueen in this Cars Ultimate Ice Racing Die Cast Gift Set. The 16 vehicles all sport a special wintry Ice Racers paint scheme, making this the coolest collection ever.

Did you see that?! 16 sweet rides!

The set includes the following…

Lightning McQueen, Francesco Bernoulli, Shu Todoroki, Nigel Gearsley, Lewis Hamilton, Raoul CaRoule, Carlos Veloso, Rip Clutchgoneski, Jeff Gorvette, Miguel Camino, Max Schnell, Flash, Frosty, Memo Rojas, Vitaly Petrov, and Long Ge.

Little mini review folks…

For starters…opening the ‘Cars’ Ultimate Ice Racing Die Cast Gift Set is one serious workout! (lol)

If you use scissors to cut the ‘clear window display package’ – be careful – any rough edges and that plastic can be REALLY sharp. Might wanna keep it from the little ones.

The cars are strapped in GOOD…and I mean GOOD, GOOD. Once you cut through the tape – you have these little mini screws to go through – – – this is where the fun starts!! Be sure to get the right size screw driver. Don’t strip those suckers…like I did. I had to grab a pair of pliers to finish the job. (lol)

Once you get the car free…



Oh yeah…it’s got a good weight to it – – rolls nice. Yeah. Maddox and I are going to have a field day with these!

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