Lisa2Times Movie Review: Song of Lahore

Song of Lahore

REVIEW BY: Lisa2Times

I recently had the pleasure of working at the Hamptons International film festival and luckily I had a chance to catch a few flicks…my favorite was probably Song of Lahore.

Song of Lahore is a documentary following several Pakistani musicians from the town of Lahore. After decades of being persecuted for their love of music (among other things) these musicians reluctantly join together and try to make the music that is apart of their culture come to life again…finding it very difficult to get people of their country to listen to their music they try and westernized it by incorporating some jazz.

They remake David Burbeck’s Classic song Take Five using their own style and traditional instruments the musicians from Sachal studios gain a following as their song goes viral. They get invited to NYC to perform at the world Famous Lincoln Center with the Jazz orchestra. With some hiccups and some learning/language curves they make it happen and rock Lincoln center.

This is an inspiring documentary that makes you believe you should never give up on your dreams. That no matter what people say you have to be true to yourself.

I LOVED this film and recommend it to everyone!

This film has just been released in select NY/LA theaters



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