Lisa2Times Movie Review: Harry & Snowman

Harry and Snowman

REVIEW BY: Lisa2Time

While working at the Hamptons Film Festival I would say my second runner up favorite film was…. Harry & Snow Man!

Harry & Snowman is about a Harry Deleyer, an immigrant from Holland who comes to the U.S with his wife in search of a better life. He is offered a job as a horse riding instructor at a school in Long Island, NY. While on a trip to find horses for the school he finds Snowman who was bound for the glue factor and he paid just $80 for him.

Harry and Snowman become best friends and with a little training Snowman becomes one of the best jumpers in the U.S. Harry and Snowman begin winning competitions all over the U.S and even won the triple crown at Madison Square Garden!

The film goes not only through the journey of Harry & Snowman but also the lives of Harry and his 8 children. They always feel like they have to be the best and compete for their fathers time and affection. The love that Harry has for his horses and for winning competitions draws a wedge between him and his family.

Finally Snowman retires and lives the rest of his days as the family Horse while Harry continues to participate in competitions.

This film is an inspiring feel good film but I really liked that it wasn’t all glamorous. It shows the real cost of wanting to be a winner all the time no matter what the cost.

This film has been released but only in selected places.

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