October 22, 2020

Linda Review: IMPULSE Season 2 Official Trailer


Impulse Review by Linda Ruiz

Impulse began its second season  October 16th on YouTube and is available every Wednesday FOR FREE.

Although it is named after the third book in the Jumper series, it is not an adaptation of these young adult novels. I had the opportunity to interview showrunner, Lauren LeFranc  during New York City Comic Con and she stated that these will be all original stories. “We completely deviated even though Impulse is the third book in the Jumper series and  we have taken the concept of a young adult story and a young woman at the center of it who’s a teleporter, but beyond that we’re not using those books as a reference. We’re trying to kind of do our own thing.”

Doing their own thing is definitely working. 63 million people and counting are hooked on this original series and I’m one of them. They have assembled a cast of talented actors who are passionate about bringing these  stories to life.

Maddie Hasson (God Bless America, Twisted) is Henrietta “Henry” Coles, the teenage girl at the center of the series whose ability to teleport happens as the result of a sexual assault by Clay Boone ( Tanner Stine). She has no idea how this happened or how to control it but Callum Keith Rennie (Jessica Jones, Man in the High Castle) as  Nikolai a seasoned jumper, connects with Henry, “trying to help her” but we really don’t know what his true motive is.

Henry relies greatly on her soon-to-be step sister Jenna (Sarah Desjardins), who is struggling with her own  sexuality and Townes Lindeman ( Daniel Maslany) an autistic student at their High School, who sees Henry as a sort of superhero. They are Henrys support system who both  will be sorely tested this season as they deal with their own life and Henry tries to master her  teleportation which now has the power to kill.

The continuing subplot of the criminal Boone family and the wrongly accused Mennonite Community will continue to play out along with the introduction of  more teleporters. These are not the usual storylines you see in young adult films but this is what  makes Impulse stand out. The writing is brilliant and the stories evolve organically. There are no quick answers or fixes and we  are by Henrys side as she tries to discover what she is, who she is and how to harness this ability.

Season One is available free for binge-watching so you can catch up to this fantastic original series from the director of The Bourne Identity and Jumper, Doug Liman and showrunner from Marvels Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D,  Lauren LeFranc.


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