Linda Movie Review: WHERE IS KYRA?


Michelle Pfeiffer stars as Kyra, a middle-aged woman who is happily taking care of her ailing mother in  her beautiful Brooklyn apartment. Kyra dotes on her, but is still actively seeking  employment and returns from an interview one day to find her mother dead.

Michelle Pfeiffer slowly reveals  this emotionally taut  woman, who hides her fears and fragility behind a winning smile, as she’s  struggling to make a life for herself. The layers of her desperation and past,  are slowly revealed but the audience connection is hindered by cinematographer Bradford Young; and his use of underexposure which keeps the actors in the dark. So much so that when the character of Doug (Kiefer Sutherland) is introduced, he’s barely noticeable.

As the story unfolds, the under exposure continues  and you begin to wonder is this actually taking place, or is all of this happening in Kira’s head. When Doug inadvertently discovers her secret life, is he her  conscience, or her subconscious manifest?

The audience is literally left in dark as the truth comes out. Kyra and Doug are desperately trying to find a solution, but they are slowly fading from the  screen. In the final frame Kyra is actually reduced to pixels.

Andrew Dosunmu, the director and  Bradford Young have collaborated on Mr. Dosunmu’s two previous movies. This technique worked perfectly with those stories, but not this one.

Opening at The Quad in New York Today! 

Starring: Michelle Pfeiffer, Kiefer Sutherland, Sam Robards, Suzanne Shepherd Directed by: Andrew Dosunmu (Mother of George)
Written by Darci Picoult, based on a story by Picoult and Dosunmu

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