Waiting for the Miracle to Come by Linda Ruiz

Waiting for the Miracle to Come, written and directed by Lian Lunson is an ethereal dreamscape that dives deep into the emotions of sacrifice, love and forgiveness.

Adeline Winter (Sophie Lowe) is mourning the recent  loss of her father, Jack (Todd Terry).  He has left her a note instructing her to go to a gold mine in a remote town.  When she gets there it’s a bleak community except for this illuminated  gated home -The Beautiful Place.  It’s owned by two retired vaudeville performers Jimmy (Willie Nelson) and Dixie Riggs (Charlotte Rampling).

The Beautiful Place is a museum to a bygone era where the Riggs still perform to try to stay one step ahead of the bank.  Since Adeline is an aspiring trapeze artist she joins the troupe as a new attraction until she  can figure out the location of the gold mine.  As her relationship with the Riggs grows closer  Jimmy tells her the real reason why they can’t let go. He and Dixie had to give their daughter up for adoption  and he is hoping that she will find them before they die.

This tragic tale changes the course of  Adeline’s plan to find the gold mine and now she wants to find  Jimmy and Dixie’s daughter instead. Adeline senses this is the mission her father sent her on and she is determined to complete it.

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