Linda Movie Review: UGLY DOLLS

Ugly Dolls by Linda Ruiz

A great animated musical for toddlers and pre-teens to learn that being different is a good thing! Moxie (voiced by Kelly Clarkson) longs to leave Uglyville so she can belong to a child.  Every day is a new beginning and every day she has the same positivity that she will find that new home. Although Uglyville is a colorful, fun place to live, the ultimate goal is living with your human child. Moxie convinces her best pals, Ox (Blake Shelton), Lucky Bat (Wang Leehorn), Wedgehead (Emma Roberts), Wage( Wanda Sykes) and Uglydog aka Slick Dog(Pitbull, also Executive Producer) to go through the tunnel leading out of Uglyville. Together they find out what’s on the other side and what was preventing them from finding their forever home with their child.

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