THE HOUSE OF TOMORROW review by Linda Ruiz

House of Tomorrow is a coming into your own film, set against a most awesome punk music soundtrack, featuring The Germs, Minor Threat, The Damned and The Clash, among others.

Asa Butterfield plays Sebastian Prendergast, who has been raised by his Nana (Ellen Bernstein), in a geodesic dome home tourist attraction, built by her deceased  mentor Buckminster Fuller aka Bucky. Bucky was trying to create a better world, through his futuristic architecture and innovations, and Nana is raising Sebastian to continue his work.

All is going as planned until one day the Lutheran Church Youth Group pays a visit. Led by the personable Pastor Whitcomb (Nick Offerman), who brings his two teenagers, Meredith (Maude Apatow) and Jared (Alex Wolff) along. During the tour Nana faints and is taken to the hospital. The pastor and his children accompany them, and Jared and Sebastian bond over punk music while awaiting news of Nana’s condition.

The friendship between Jared and Sebastian leads to the creation of their punk band “ The Rash”.  The road to their first concert is funny and heartwarming, while revealing some painful truths in the Whitcomb household.

Sebastian has a hard time expressing his newfound interest in the outside world, especially punk music to his Nana, so he keeps her at bay, literally.

The first and only concert by The Rash is performed at the Dome, and  you don’t want to miss it! You really want that rash to spread.

Opens April 27th in New York City, Los Angeles and Major U.S. Cities

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