Linda Movie Review: SUBMISSION

SUBMISSION review by Linda Ruiz

Stanley Tucci and Kyra Sedgwick star as Ted and Sherri Swenson, in this movie based on the novel, Blue Angel by Francine Prose, which she based on “The Blue Angel”  starring Marlene Dietrich.

Ted and Sherri  are a happily married couple living in New England. He is a respected tenured professor and successful novelist, who is teaching the creative writing course at the local University. Sherri is the campus nurse; beautiful, funny and nurturing.

Their life hasn’t been perfect. Christmas is coming and Sherri has to convince their only  daughter, Ruby (Colby Minifie) to visit. Ruby has a non existent relationship with him because she feels he let fame get in the way of being her father.

Even though his students have the writing talent of a loaf of bread, Ted does his best to encourage them. One day his most timid student, Angela Argo (Addison Timlin), interrupts him and tears into the student he is trying to assist. The class demands that Angela share her work next. Fortunately for Angela this is going to happen right after the Christmas break so she is able to have one on one time with Ted, while timidly handing him her work, chapter by chapter. We all see the manipulation, the timing of her outburst and her self-deprecating manner when asking for his critique on her book. “ Eggs” (wink wink) is an erotic novel, which is  voiced over by Angela as Ted is reading it.

Ted willingly submits to Angela’s manipulation every step of the way. He goes down the rabbit hole and thinks that there will be no consequences he can’t talk his way out of. Well this Blue Angel has a twist that will leave all of us speechless.

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