October 22, 2020

Linda Movie Review: PEPPERMINT

Review by Linda Ruiz

Move over John Wick, there is a new indestructible assassin in town. Her name is Riley North. Jennifer Garner is back where she belongs, kicking ass and taking no prisoners!

Riley and Chris North (Jeff Hephner) are a struggling middle class family trying to provide for their daughter Carly (Cailey Fleming). Chris’ friend Mickey (Chris Johnson) approaches him with a way to make extra money to which he reluctantly agrees. That evening when Chris and Riley are about to celebrate Carly’s birthday, he calls Mickey and tells him, he changed his mind. Unfortunately for Chris, Mickey was busy at that moment dying at the hands of Juan Pablo Raba (Diego Garcia), a drug cartel lynch pin and he couldn’t relay the message.

Riley saw the faces of the cartel assassins sent by Garcia and faced them fearlessly in court. But the justice system failed her miserably. The judge refused to indict them and they walked. Riley refused to accept the judges’ decision and pleaded with the DA to intervene. She actually jumped over the witness stand to physically attack them in court, but was tazzed and remanded to a psych ward. She clipped the arresting detective Stan Carmichael (John Gallagher Jr,) on the side of the head with an oxygen tank and bolted from the ambulance.

Five years later she returns for justice. Five years of martial arts, military grade weapon and combat training. Riley North has come back to serve justice. Her justice is neither quick nor merciful.  She goes up the line from the triggermen to Garcia. No one is spared just as her family wasn’t.

At her final showdown with Garcia, Riley invited the police, the press and the public. She may not walk out of this alive and the world needs to know her truth. Riley pulls out all the stops and it may not be enough. It’s this last confrontation that will have you screaming in your seat.

Chad St. John wrote an exciting, edge of your seat action thriller, with some plot twists that separates it from the usual vigilante movie genre. Thought provoking and true to today’s political and social media environment, Peppermint stands alone.


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