Linda Movie Review: LOVE & SAUCERS

Review by: Linda Ruiz

David Huggins has claimed to have a lifetime of extraterrestrial experiences that began when he was a child. At 72, he is now finally sharing his experiences with us via paintings that detail all of his encounters.

These memories were locked away until his marriage started to unravel in 1987. David began feeling the alien presence in his house, but was unable to see them or speak to them. When he finally confessed everything to his wife, which was the end of his marriage.

Once those flood gates were opened, David was driven with the need to research what had happened to him. He came upon a book, “Intruder, The Incredible Visitation at Copley Woods” by Budd Hopkins. There is a chapter in that book that deals with interspecies sex. The extraterrestrials described in the book were identical to the extraterrestrials that David had fathered children with.

David felt he needed to let this out, he needed to come to terms with something that was missing in his life and he got the permission from these beings to tell his story via paintings.

Now it would be easy to dismiss this since his interactions seem to occur during traumatic events in his life. His abusive childhood, his loneliness when he moved to New York, the divorce, being separated from his son, but his story is not unique.

According to Jeffrey Kripal, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Thought, Rice University Texas, David Huggins is telling the truth. He is one of hundreds of people throughout the world who have shared the same type of encounters. Professor Kripal interviewed David Huggins, as he would any other case he is investigating and David’s encounter resonated with his own. Professor Kripal had what he described as an “erotic mysticism experience” in Calcutta India.

In fact, David is part of a support group in New Jersey, of people who have had alien encounters. The common thread among them is that they have seen the same types of extraterrestrial beings at different times in their lives as well as locations.

‘Love and Saucers” moves the discussion of – Is there life out there? – to Yes, this is our story. David Huggins determination to tell his story sincerely should give others the courage to do the same.

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