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When you think of Australia the first thing that comes to mind is the kangaroo. The kangaroo is synonymous with Australia. It is the continents mascot and most beloved creature in the animal kingdom, or so we thought. The same way Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the mascot of Disney World and loved by most Americans, rats are rodents that we kill daily. That same holds for Australia and its relationship with the kangaroos.

There were seven species of kangaroos in Australia and it is now down to three. Kangaroos are culled at up to 1000 per  hunter at any given time via permit, because they compete with the farmer’s sheep for grass.  When the arid season hits particularly hard the kangaroos are blamed for the lack of grasslands. Televised news reports sound the alarm –“kangaroos have reached plague proportions.”

Another threat is the consumption of kangaroo meat which has passed from being pet food to being a delicacy  exported to China and Europe. Kangaroo leather, a byproduct of the meat industry used in the manufacturing of soccer cleats continues to fuel the demand.

One out of every three mammal extinctions happens in Australia. Their conservation efforts are a direct result of the government not implementing and enforcing a balanced ecological stewardship.

This documentary thoroughly showcases the grassroots efforts that has grown into a political battle to bring about a global awareness of the plight of the kangaroo and its impending extinction.

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