October 22, 2020

Linda Movie Review: IT CHAPTER TWO

IT CHAPTER TWO movie review by Linda Ruiz

The Losers’ Club reunites with a vengeance! This sequel is three hours long but you won’t even realize it as director Andy Muschietti takes you down to Derry for the final stand. Mike Hanlon (Isaiah Mustafa) has stayed behind as the gatekeeper. He hears about a gruesome murder on the police scanner and when he goes to check it out, Pennywise has left him a personal message. Mike contacts everyone and has to remind them of the blood oath to kill IT, to make them all come home. You see, when you leave Derry that memory closes and as each one of them remembers, the reactions are heartbreaking, funny, and touching.

Once they reunite in Derry and are having the get together dinner, Pennywise invites himself. He too remembers and is in sync with them as adults much the same way as when they were kids. This time his attacks are more physical and terrifying. Pennywise attacks in broad daylight in front of anyone and everyone, losers or not.

It Chapter 2 is bloodier, gorier and downright terrifying in some scenes with the unexpected humor that you expect from the Losers Club which makes this sequel a winner.



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