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GLASS movie review Linda Ruiz

Glass, the long awaited film that completes the trilogy which began with Unbreakable, is the most brilliant film that M.Night Shyamalan has written.  This is Elijah’s (Samuel L. Jackson) story today. 19 years after he set David Dunn (Bruce Willis) on his superhero path.  19 years after he found the Beast, Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy), which he had a hand in creating.

All three are now inmates at the mental institution that has been home to Mr. Glass since David reported him to the authorities.  Everyone is in place to execute his plan. Mr. Glass will show the world that superheroes and villains exist. Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson), is treating all of them and has a limited amount of time to convince them that they suffer from delusions of grandeur. This is the “condition” which makes them believe they are superior beings. Dr. Paulson continues to stress that they all have to admit to this. The question here is why the hurry?  David is a vigilante, Crumb suffers from DID and Mr. Glass is a convicted mass murderer. How did she come to this one diagnosis for all of them?

Mr. Glass believes that he is the brilliant evil arch enemy with the superior mind. That’s what he told us in Unbreakable, that’s what he repeats in Glass. M.Night Shyamalan is the true genius with the superior mind. He takes all three stories: Unbreakable, Split and Glass to open the doorway to that new world. When you visit that world today, keep your eyes and ears open. Everything is not what it seems.


I’d like to thank for the comics he supplied at our screening. Go check him out at The Big Apple Comic Con NYC March 9 & 10.

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