October 22, 2020

Linda Movie Review: EL NORTE

EL NORTE review by Linda Ruiz

El Norte, the 1984 Academy Award nominated film from director Gregory Nava, co written with Anna Thomas, will be released in select movie theaters for one day only on Sunday September 15, 2019 in select theaters thanks to Fathom Events and Lionsgate, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.
This 35 year old story detailing the horror of Central American refugees escaping to the United States as undocumented immigrants is still relevant today. The impact this film had factored in the United States government decision to grant protective status to these refugees and enacted the 1986 Simpson- Mazzoli Immigration Act. Unfortunately the current president has severely limited the protective status criteria and is fanning the flames of hatred and ethnocentrism forgetting that refugees and immigrants built and continue to build the United States of America.
In 1995 El Norte was named an American classic in the United States Library of Congress National Registry of culturally significant films. El Norte is still positively impacting our society today; all of the proceeds of Sunday’s filming will be donated to – La Fundación Comunitaria Paso Del Norte, to aid the victims of the massacre in El Paso, Texas.
It was my absolute joy and pleasure to interview Gregory Nava. He shared with me some of the harrowing and unbelievable experiences he had making El Norte. Ranging from not having working permits for filming, sitting in the immigration office with undocumented actors and dealing with the Mexican underworld. it truly was divine intervention that this film was actually completed. And everyone survived! But the most important thing Gregory Nava wants us to remember is that we need a policy of compassion. This is what America was and this is who America needs to be great again.

Get your tickets at www.FathomEvents.com. Lionsgate will be releasing El Norte on all of their streaming platforms. Photos of the Baronet Theater courtesy of Gregory Nava.



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