Linda Movie Review: DOWNSIZING

DOWNSIZING Review by Linda Ruiz


Paul Safranek (Matt Damon), is an occupational therapist from Omaha, Nebraska that is not living the life he planned. Switching from pre-med to take care of his sick mother we see him switch to a married man with a needy wife. Both he and Audrey (Kristen Wiig) are desperately trying to make a better life for themselves. As with most middle-class couples, they can’t make enough money to realize their goals.

The concept of downsizing which was introduced 15 years earlier, has always been in the back of Paul’s mind. At their high school reunion  he and Audrey meet a former classmate Dave Johnson (Jason Sudeikis) who has undergone the process. Dave convinces the both of them to at least go to Leisure Land, the premiere small people community, and hear the sales pitch. Niecy Nash, is the Leisure Land sales associate that explains to them that not only will they shrink in size, but so will their debt. Their assets will increase exponentially. The $152,000 that they have in savings will now be 12.5 million dollars. The Safraneks are sold and the process to downsize begins.  Or so we think. Audrey bails midway and we are dragged through Paul’s  depression as he goes this alone.

Just as I’m about to bail, Ngoc Lan Tran (Hong Chau) explodes on the screen. Ngoc is a spitfire of realness that opens Paul’s eyes to the small world around him. With her sarcastic wit and rapid-fire speech, she captures the audience and never lets go. Her comedic timing is flawless and her expressions are priceless.Hong Chau will have you belly laughing till the very end.

Do yourself a favor and go see Downsizing just to discover this comedic gem.

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