Linda Movie Review: COLETTE

COLETTE review by Linda Ruiz

Kiera Knightley was born to play French novelist Sidonie- Gabrielle Colette, known to us all as simply, Colette. She breathes life and a realness that makes Colette as relevant today as she was during the 20th century.  Married to Henri Gautier Villars aka Willy, played raucously by Dominic West, the pair are the toast of France as long as Willy has a book that is a bestseller.

He adds Colette to his stable of ghost writers, but rejects Claudine, her semi-autobiographical novel. The novel sits at the bottom of a drawer until the repo men come for the furniture. Willy has Colette make it a  bit more salacious, then publishes the book under his own name and it’s a scandalous hit .

Colette is becoming frustrated that Willy will not let her publish under her own name and that  they are constantly on the brink of bankruptcy. Encouraged by her mother to divorce him, she decides to take a break from their marriage. She enters into a creative partnership with her friend Missy, who is openly lesbian and dresses as a man. Because she is from the upper echelons of society Missy (Denise Gough) can live her truth.

Willy sells the book and branding rights of Claudine to the publisher to get out of debt, without consulting Colette. When she decides it’s time to regain what is hers, to have her talent acknowledged and celebrated, she fights back and wins for women everywhere.

The screenplay written by Wash Westmoreland  honors  Sidonie Gabrielle- Colette , and gives women the courage to continue to fight for equality in all aspects of life.

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