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Review by: Linda Ruiz

“Because you created it, that’s how the world is.”- Bjarke Ingels

BIG, Bjarke Ingels Group is the eponymous architectural firm of the rising young star in Denmark. He opens a New York City office when  his company is selected to design Two World Trade Center. Designing sustainable buildings that fit within the environment they are located in, beautiful and unique, while  fulfilling the customers needs, are what he is known for.

At 40 years old he has accomplished in Denmark and the United States about as much, if not  more than his predecessors who have died while in their mid-50s. He is still looking to create his own Sydney Opera, an conic building, which we would think is Two World Trade Center.

Bjarke seems obsessed by death as a result of  ongoing intense headaches he suffers from since having a concussion. We’re not told when but how this concussion occurred. Finally after an MRA and MRI, he is diagnosed with a brain cyst. He fears the damage the surgery might cause and rightfully so, and decides against surgical treatment.

During an office meeting in New York City, the partners discuss that they have to win more contracts in order to sustain both locations. It’s time to take a look at the competitions that they can enter to try to win these contracts.

Construction on Two World Trade Center is progressing beautifully. During that time Bjarke falls in love and wants to get married and have children. He brings his soon-to-be fiancé, Ruth  Otero, an architect as well, for a tour. What has been created so far is truly breathtaking. The courtyard in the middle of the building looks like a slice of Central Park. There are areas where one can sit alone, or with company and a space for the children to play.

Bjarke goes to Denmark for another MRI and is given a clean bill of health. He calls Ruth to share the good news and life goes on.

The  dissonant music that accompanies this documentary and the development of the cells in between the scenes, that finally become a skull are distracting to the viewer. The real problem is not that death might be around the corner for Bjarke, but that his architectural license is not acknowledged in the United States. Two World Trade Center it still under construction and it looks to be Bjarke Ingels  Sydney Opera House.


Opening in New York December 1, 2017

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